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Create Medic Co. Ltd – CLINY – www.createmedic.co.jp

The CLINY all clear silicone catheter was the first of its type in Japan and continues to lead the market. There are many advantages of all clear silicone catheters some of which are that the material is highly transparent so that the characteristics of the patient’s urine and the catheter itself can be viewed at a glance.

The all silicone catheter has a larger lumen and allows more efficient withdrawal of urine than any latex catheter of comparable outside diameter.

All clear silicone is a soft material that does not stress the urethral mucosa and has excellent water repellence and no adhesiveness qualities. It is “slippery when wet”.

The radiopaque line facilitates observation during X-ray.

The range of catheters includes: Foley, 2 and 3 Way Haematuria with Standard, Whistle or Coude Tips, Nephrostomy Balloon Catheters with or without Detachable Funnels, Self Catheterisation Sets with standard and CUR tips, Sengstaken Blakemore Tubes Type 42 and Malecot Catheters.


Dale Medical Products, Inc – www.dalemed.com

Dale® Medical Products, Inc. produces a line of high quality, post-surgical patient care products for the acute care hospital and long-term markets. These include the Dale Foley Catheter Holder, Tracheostomy Tube Holder, ETT Holder, Bendable Arm Boards, Transducer Holder and HUGS (a device that secures tubing and cords in the ICU by using Velcro tabs and a metal clip).


Key Medical – Noba

Nasal sling dressings that are soft and highly absorbent, they tie securely at the back of the head and are designed to absorb blood and post operative wound secretions. This is the gentle alternative to using tape on the sensitive tissues on a patients face.



Our aim is to provide safe, comfortable and innovative solutions to satisfy the health care needs of patients.

Our products must be of the highest quality and be easy to use by patients and their care providers.


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  • Mary Garriga

    The service we receive from Key Medical is very good. They are prompt and always on time.
    Concord Hosptial Theatres
    Concord NSW

  • Dianne Adamek

    Key Medical supply equipment, and supplies variotherm for vestibular function testing. The service they provide is professional and punctual. I was impressed with the immediate replacement of my incontinence machine. The team at Key Medical are very knowledgable about their products.
    Neurology Association of Australia
    Gosford NSW