02 8850 7588


Q: How do we order products?
A: It’s easy! Call us on: 02 8850 7588 or e-mail us for costs and information.

Q: Do you have catheters?
A: Yes, we do. We supply “Cliny” re-usable intermittent catheters. They are clear silicon and come in a container and pouch that keep it sterile.

Q: Do you offer same day service?
A: Yes, we do. If an order is received before 2pm any business day the delivery will be sent out on the same day. We offer Australia-wide delivery.

Q: Do you have SB tubes?
A: Yes, we do. We supply “Create Medic” Type 42 SB tubes made of clear silicone. Highly flexible, these oesophageal/gastric tubes are safe and easy to use.


Our aim is to provide safe, comfortable and innovative solutions to satisfy the health care needs of patients.

Our products must be of the highest quality and be easy to use by patients and their care providers.


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  • Mary Garriga

    The service we receive from Key Medical is very good. They are prompt and always on time.
    Concord Hosptial Theatres
    Concord NSW

  • Dianne Adamek

    Key Medical supply equipment, and supplies variotherm for vestibular function testing. The service they provide is professional and punctual. I was impressed with the immediate replacement of my incontinence machine. The team at Key Medical are very knowledgable about their products.
    Neurology Association of Australia
    Gosford NSW